Our Departments

Research & Development (R&D) , Marketing  and Quality Control Departments work as a team.

R&D department is the technical brain of our company. It assists in developing new products and maximising production efficiency and making our products very competitive with better quality. The members of the R&D are highly knowledgeable of what is going on in the technical world of paints.

R&D is a crucial factor for the sustainability of the company

 R&D is always driven by the marketing department, and not the other way round as it always puts the customers need first and monitors through market researches the customers’ changing preferences and the new trends or any new demands in the markets. The marketing department transfers such new preferences, demands and trends to the R&D department to study them and investigate the possibilities of producing them. 


Every product to be manufactured in the factory has its own standards and specifications with a written technical data sheet. Such specifications must be at least comply with the standard specifications, as required by the Iraqi Standards & Specifications.

The quality control department with the R&D department shall look for any defects in the finished products or any deviation from the standard specifications. In this case, the goods can’t leave the factory to the external markets until such defects or deviations are rectified.


Quality control department will not only test the finished goods, but also any raw material that enters the factory. Testing will be made for some or all of the parameters as mentioned in the technical data sheet of each raw material to ensure that it is not defective in any way and it does not deviate from its specifications.      

Our Products

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